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Title Inn Trouble
Episode # Season 1, Episode 7
First aired September 24, 1998
Directed by Charlie Haskell
Written by Mark Edens
Summary While Kora's away, the guys run the inn. Strife and Discord interfere.

FoxKids Spoilers

  • When Kora, the inn keeper, goes out of town she leaves Hercules and his friends in charge of her tavern. And that's when Discord and Strife decide to make trouble.
  • Kora (Angela Dotchin) asks the boys to look after the inn after she goes off to help Artemis look for fruit stolen from her temple. Trouble checks in in the form of Discord and Strife (Meighan Desmond, Joel Tobeck).

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  • Artemis asks Kora to help her find the fruit that was stolen from her temple. Hercules and Iolaus end up having to watch over the inn while she is gone.


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      On the path towards Kora's Inn, Hercules, Jason, and Iolaus are singing, "Food! And Fun! And Food! And Fun!" Iolaus challenges Jason and Hercules to a race as they approach the inn. All three run into the doors of the inn, but the doors are locked and the boys bounce backwards onto the ground. The boys are confused. "It can't be closed! It's never closed!" Jason exclaims. Jason and Iolaus run to the side window, while Hercules heads to the back door.

      Jason and Iolaus make it to the side window just in time for Kora to close the shutters in their faces. Meanwhile, Hercules makes it inside and knocks on the table to get Kora's attention. Kora explains that the inn is closed because she has to help locate a stolen harvest offering for Artemis, since she kinda owes Artemis a favor. She tells Hercules that the food for next week will be delivered that day, and asks him to swing by and unload it. Hercules tells her he has an idea.

      Jason and Iolaus are walking around to the back of the inn. Iolaus asks Jason if he thinks Kora likes Hercules more than him. Jason tells him probably, "Everybody does." To cheer him up, Jason challenges Iolaus to a race to the back of the inn.

      Hercules and Kora are inside when Jason and Iolaus barrel in, knocking over baskets of food as they crash to the floor. As they get up, Hercules explains to them that while Kora's gone, he offered their services to run the inn free of charge. Iolaus is quick to agree, as long as he gets to keep the tips. Kora is hesitant, "Maybe this isn't such a good idea." Jason and Iolaus begin showing off, Iolaus demonstrating his food service experience by spinning while carrying a bowl, and Jason begins juggling bottles. Moments later Jason and Iolaus have crashed to the floor again, amidst shards of broken pottery.

      Kora finally agrees to let them run the inn, telling Hercules to make sure they all wash their hands. As she leaves, the camera pans to Strife and Discord who are hanging outside the inn, discussing their plans for Hercules and his friends.

      Discord reveals that they are the ones who stole the offering, and has the idea to bring the offering to the inn, as Hercules might accidently serve it to one of his customers and then Artemis would think he stole it.

      Iolaus carries a tray of dishes into the kitchen where Jason is mixing a large bowl of chicken salad. He asks Jason about the three orders of shepherd's pie, and Jason tells him that the only thing he can cook is chicken salad. Jason and Iolaus are about to start a food fight when Hercules walks in and tells them to settle down. So Jason and Iolaus throw food at Hercules instead.

      Out in the main restaurant area, the cadets are playing musical instruments and Lilith is dancing and shaking a maraca.

      Hercules strolls through the crowd, dancing with a customer as he makes his way over to two soldiers sitting on a couch. They ask him what he has in his hair, and he tells them it's chicken salad, "Specialty of the house." They decide it looks good and both order it. As Hercules walks away, Discord enters, distracting the soldiers as she steals their money pouches. Iolaus strolls past, unable to see the goddess, on his way to the table with the three shepherds. He explains to them that the inn is out of shepherd's pie, and talks them into ordering chicken salad.

      Strife delivers Artemis's offering - a wagon cart full of food - outside of the inn while Discord empties the money pouches into one big bag. She shoves the bag at Strife, telling him to invite Silenus and his gang to the inn for dinner. Strife feels the bag of money gleefully, claiming that "with this much money you could corrupt a village of mortals. It's a shame to waste it on the crowd that Silenus runs with." Discord tells him to make sure that the satyrs come and are hungry, and vanishes.

      The soldiers are picking food out of their teeth as Hercules arrives and gives them their bill. They reach for their money bags, and realize that their money has been stolen. Discord whispers to them, telling them "The little guy's stolen everyone's money."

      Hercules and Jason are cleaning up in the kitchen. "All things considered, I don't think it's going that badly." Jason agrees. Just then, Iolaus runs through the kitchen screaming. Hot on his heels are several of the inn's customers waving swords. Jason and Hercules follow the crowd outside.

      The crowd runs off, and Iolaus pops up from his hiding place in the cart of food that was sitting outside the inn. Jason asks him why the crowd was chasing him, and Iolaus says that he doesn't know why, just that everyone left without paying. Hercules assumes that the cart of food is the delivery Kora was expecting, and Jason helps him get it inside after helping Iolaus out of the cart.

      As the guys are carrying the food inside, Silenus and several other satyrs barge into the inn, creating a ruckus as they chant, "Food! Food! Food!" Silenus grabs a cup from a customer while another satyr starts sniffing a woman sitting by the window. Several more satyrs jump up onto the stage area, pick up the musical instruments, and start playing rock music. More satyrs start a mosh pit in front of the stage. Outside, Discord and Strife are gloating over what Artemis will do to Hercules when she finds out he sold her offering to Silenus.

      Iolaus is trying to make his way through the rowdy crowd with a tray of drinks, when a goat foot trips him. Cut to Strife, with a goat-leg-on-a-stick, "I've had this for years. Never had a chance to use it!" Silenus stands in front of where Iolaus is sprawled on the ground, "Next time you serve Silenus first!" he says. Iolaus agrees, "Big guy with hooves goes first. Got it." Silenus continues to taunt Iolaus, who barely manages to extricate himself.

      Iolaus joins Jason in the kitchen. Jason is arranging the food, and saying that the food isn't ready until he puts the parsley on.

      Iolaus takes the bowl of food out just as Hercules is entering the kitchen. Hercules says that it's a shame to waste food like this on Silenus. He admires an apple, "An apple like this usually ends up as an offering at some temple." "Well, then I won't waste it on Silenus," Jason says, taking the apple. Hercules stops him from eating it, suddenly wondering if the food is Artemis's missing offering.

      Artemis appears in the kitchen, claiming the food as hers. She tells Jason and Hercules that if a single bite of it is eaten or a single peice of fruit is bruised, that they will pay for it with their lives.

      Hercules and Jason rush out into the main room to collect the food. Jason tries to get a loaf of bread away from Silenus. Iolaus and Hercules join in, trying to coax the bread away from Silenus. Discord appears, whispering to Silenus, "They don't serve satyrs." Silenus starts yelling, "They don't serve satyrs?!? Tear this place apart!", inducing a full-scale riot. The few humans customers left in the inn run for their lives. The satyrs rampage, destroying furnature and wrecking the place, while Hercules, Iolaus, and Jason skirt the fighting and collect each peice of food, often snatching up the item of food moments before it's trampled. Discord and Strife cheer on the fighting from the sidelines.

      Hercules, Iolaus, and Jason manage to gather all the food back into a bowl Jason is holding. By this time the fighting has died down, and all the satyrs are surrounding the boys. Hercules catches sight of Strife and Discord right before they disappear. Hercules whispers in Iolaus's ear, "Fall down and die." Iolaus argues for a moment, then starts theatrically dying with lots of gasps and groans as he falls to the floor, clutching his stomach. Hercules takes the bowl of food from Jason as Jason follows suit, wailing with a hand against his forehead before collapsing on top of the prone Iolaus. Hercules falls to his knees, setting the food aside and dragging Iolaus's head into his lap, crying to the heavens, "Why do you always take the youngest ones?!?!" Silenus and his gang look on in confusion, as Hercules sobs. Hercules tells them that Iolaus died merely from handling the food, and if they eat the food they'll get sick. Panicking, Silenus and his gang run away, deserting the inn.

      Outside, Strife and Discord are talking. Strife is holding the bag of money he took back from Silenus, and doesn't have time to move before the door bursts open and the satyrs run out, trampling Strife in the process as Discord giggles. Strife starts plotting about bringing an herd of centaurs into the in, but stops when he sees something behind Discord. Discord plots outloud that Hercules won't sell the food now, but they'll just have to find some way to convince Artemis that Hercules stole it. Her face falls when she realizes that Artemis is standing a few feet away, watching them. Artemis finds out who really stole her harvest offering, and tells them that they can't escape her, even as Discord and Strife vanish.

      Inside the inn, Iolaus, Jason, and Hercules are surveying the damage and mourning that none of the customers yet today have paid. Artemis appears, and Hercules tells her they were tricked by Strife and Discord. Artemis tells them that the theives have been punished, and takes her food with her. She leaves a "reward" on the inn table, a cloth covering something "about the size of Strife's head". Hercules pulls the cloth back, revealing a melon. Jason and Iolaus are disappointed, but Hercules tries to look on the bright side, "It's the thought that counts."

      Later, Kora returns at dawn. Hercules is yawning as he washes dishes, and explains to her that Artemis gave them a melon for finding the stolen food. Kora and Hercules start laughing, as Iolaus and Jason wake up and stumble to their feet, joining them. Kora thanks them for their effort, and offers them some fresh melon for breakfast. Kora takes a butcher knife and hacks open the melon, revealing a hollow fruit full of dinars. All four stare and laugh in shock and amazement. "It's a money melon!" Jason exclaims.

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Iolaus: Whoa! She totally slammed the windows on us!
Jason: I know. I was standing right here.
Hercules: Listen, all we learn at the Academy is responsibility.
Jason: Yeah. If something goes wrong, Iolaus is responsible.
Strife: Three young men left in charge of an inn - a formula for fun... or a recipe for disaster? A comedy in the making... or a tragedy waiting to happen?

Trivia & References

New Guy - This episode is the first time Artemis is introduced.
Aired Out Of Order - Discord appears in this episode, although she won't be officially "introduced" to Hercules until 1.12 - Battle Lines II.
Continuity Warning - When you see Kora leaving the inn and the camera does a quick 360 degree turn back to Strife, there seems to be some kind of modern structure with a chain-link fence around it in the background. (screencap)
Reality Check - Kora tells Hercules, "Make sure they wash their hands, okay?" Hand washing is a vital rule in the food service industry to prevent the spread of illness and other contamination. Most businesses have signs in the bathroom, "Employees must wash hands before returning to work." - (Wikipedia)
Reality Check - According to Wikipedia, the term 'Shepherd's Pie' was not actually coined until 1877. Even the term 'cottage pie' did not appear in texts until 1791.
Reality Check - Jason says, "I told Iolaus, 'Don't add the tip to the bill.'" Adding the tip to the bill is known as Automatic Gratuity or Mandatory Tipping. This practice is usually unpopular with customers. - (Wikipedia)
Unanswered Questions - Whatever happened to the supplies Kora was expecting to be delivered? Why did they never show up at the Inn?
Pop Culture References and Greekisms - Strife's "Three young men left in charge of an inn..." line is reminiscent of Rod Serling's introductions in the beginning of episodes of the television show The Twilight Zone. - (Wikipedia)
Pop Culture References and Greekisms - Strife says, "What do you mean, 'We', kemo sabe?" Kemo sabe is the term of endearment and catchphrase used by the intrepid and ever-faithful fictional Native American sidekick, Tonto, in the American radio and television program The Lone Ranger. It is sometimes translated as "trusty scout" or "faithful friend" in Potawatomi. - (Wikipedia)

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